Saying Goodbye

Today marks the last time we will all be together…  Some of you will be moving to 7th grade, some to 8th grade, and some will be leaving Mitchell entirely – and heading to high school!!  I congratulate all of you and am excited for your futures!!!


However, saying goodbye can be bittersweet.  As I say goodbye to you and wish you the best in the future I am also saying goodbye to this class.   This class will not be offered next year due to declining enrollment and budget cuts. I will truly miss this class and all the students who came my way each trimester — with your support I was able to try new things,  learn what makes middle-schoolers tick, and grow both professionally and personally. Having the opportunity to grow and explore  over the past three years has been so rewarding.   Thank you for everything you have added to my life!!

So rather than focusing on what is behind us, let’s take the things we learned this past year (or years) and apply them in all of our future endeavors (life experiences).  Our past will not dictate our future but it can help us be more prepared to the future.  So besides saying goodbye – let us also say “Here I come future – I am ready for you!”

Best wishes in all that you do and have a wonderful summer break.

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One thought on “Saying Goodbye

  1. i am going to miss you mr.lane.hope you have a great summer. oh guess what. i am typing this on my amazonkindle. this thing rocks. i can go on the internet from anywhere.i can read tons of books all summer. :^) i love this. i hope you do not mind the long message and the bragging but i cant help it.i hope you have the best summer ever. oh and those who are threatening selena gomez because se is going out withh justin beiber and you are reading this i cant belive you said make me sick. dont be mad that i wrote this on your blog mr.lane i thought mabye it would be good to say.look it up. by. see you next year. —-emily b

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