McDonald’s: Are They Selling Meals or Happy? (Part 1)

We’re going to try something new today – not sure how it will go but we’ll figure it out… 🙂

  • Writing Prompt

McDonald’s invests millions of dollars in advertising, and they target their advertising to a very specific group of people.  Analyze who they are trying to sell to, what they are trying to sell, and why they may use these ideas. Are they selling more than food?

  • We’ll start by writing one or two essential questions based on the writing prompt and record the questions on your worksheet.
  • Watch the McDonald’s commercial below with the prompt and essential questions in mind.

You can also view the commercial here.

  • Research

What specific examples from the commercial make you think McDonald’s is selling to a certain group of people?

What specific examples make you think they are selling something other than food?

  • Write your thesis statement on your worksheet(answer the essential questions)
  • Use your thesis as your topic sentence, bring in your specific examples, and then explain in a paragraph, your answer to the writing prompt in the CTE #1 document we created earlier this trimester.
  • When done writing (and editing), copy and paste you’re response into the comment section of this blog post.

64 thoughts on “McDonald’s: Are They Selling Meals or Happy? (Part 1)

  1. McDonald’s is selling food to family’s (black African family’s) because they want them to think there eating healthy at the diner table. Mc Donald’s is selling to children, dancer, families ect. In the commercial they show a family at the diner table eating apple slices and getting funky with the music .They are selling happens, family togetherness and nutrition. McDonalds is selling these things to children and black family.

  2. McDonalds are displaying healthy food so they can get people/or people that want to eat healthy like in the commercial the people were eating salads with water. Also, they if you eat healthy you just have a yogurt.

  3. McDonald’s not only sells food to families, but also an enjoyable experience that comes with the meal. They make the food affordable, so mostly any family can go to McDonald’s; whether you’re a first class, middle class, or low class family. McDonald’s includes things like Happy Meals, toys, and commercials that not only kids enjoy, but adults also. They try to create things that all ages of people can enjoy. In their commercials, they try to include things like music and animals that families find appealing. Over the years, McDonald’s has been successfully selling many meals to families with an enjoyable experience packed into each one.

  4. The McDonalds commercials is trying to join families and provide healthy food. McDonalds is healthy because the sell salads. McDonalds is very healthy because they have value meals. They also have toys for children and food for senior citizens. That is why love McDonalds

  5. McDonalds makes millions of dollars every year. They make all this money by selling lots of stuff like happy meals. These happy meals sells happy with meals. The happy comes from the toys inside so the kids can enjoy playing with the toys and eat at the same time. They also help by giving money to charity for kids that don’t have homes or their really sick. McDonalds makes a lot of business and happy for kids.

  6. McDonald’s is selling toys to children so they can play with their toys and eat at the same times plus McDonald’s can make some $$$.These specific toys are found in little meals called Happy Meals. Happy Meals are for children that can’t eat a Mighty Kids Meal which are for big kids. All the money that McDonalds makes from Happy Meals they give some money to charity. McDonalds selling toys in happy meals are good for kids and it also helps kids in need.

  7. McDonald’s is selling happiness to families because McDonald wants kids to have fun with their imaginations and have fun when they eat. There are also toys in the happy meal boxes for girls and boys to have fun with. McDonald’s also has food for everybody including senior citizens

  8. McDonald’s is a way to please everyone in the family from mother to father. Mothers most likely like healthy foods for her children. While brothers want the food they like the menu at McDonald’s is perfect for almost anyone. Sisters just want something that won’t make them get fat….girls generally watch their weight. Fathers just want something to eat after a day of work. I think McDonald’s is suitable for anyone tasty food at McDonald’s!

  9. McDonald’s commercials are trying to sell food to children mostly. There main reason is just to get more money. They were trying to make there food healthy by having the break dancer eat apples. They were also targeting a whole family because more people, more money. So there main reason for making this commercial is to make more money.

  10. McDonald’s commercials promote bonding of families, healthy food, and happiness. It helps promote bonding of families by showing a family sitting around the dinner table and sharing a meal. They promote healthy food by showing a kid eating apple. The kid dances to music while eating the apples and this promotes happiness. This is how McDonald’s promote the bonding of families, healthy food and happiness.

  11. I think McDonalds is just selling food because I was told that happiness cannot be bought but can be felt and also that you won’t get happy when you get fat from the food.

  12. McDonalds is selling happiness to families, you could tell because they are all smiling, dancing, and listening to music. This proves that McDonalds is selling happiness. Also, the boys dad is dancing. They are too selling more than food, like sodas and apples. His mom was eating her apples for her nutrition.

  13. McDonald’s is a very special place for people like you and I, it’s a great place to eat because their food is amazing but of course they don’t just sell for they sell toys for the children, and they sell more than just junk food that can hurt you they also sell a large varieties of fruit like the apple dunkers, and the cameral and much more.

  14. Mcdonld is selling happiness to families because they want to make kids and adults happy.
    This says that McDonalds makes people happy. The boy’s dad is happy eating McDonalds and likes his sons dance; his mom is smiling and happy. Getting nutrition from those apples. And the sister is busy eating her hamburger happily

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