Changing Gears 3

Inauguration 2009

As I type this I am listening to the tail end of Barack Obama’s first address to the nation as President of the United Sates.  This represents the end of long process that has been in motion for over three years.  I find it truly amazing to be able to witness, once again, the peaceful transfer of power from one President to another.  This process never gets old!  I believe our Founding Fathers would be proud that the work product (the U.S. Constitution) they put forth over 200 years ago is still in use and being followed exactly as they dictated it should.  


As some of you may noticed this morning during Advisory, there is much more to the inauguration of a new President than just simply the swearing in.  There are multiple events each day spread out over several days.  Larry Ferlazzo’s blog post  The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration does a great job providing resources from around the world to get information about the inauguration process.  It also has some very cool links with information about the changes that take place with a new President taking office.  I really like the link on the new armored car President Obama gets to ride in… 


Please check out the site above, choose two links and tell me what you found interesting by submitting a comment below.  Remember to use proper English when commenting (if needed, type your response in Word, then cut and paste).


Poll of the Month

Keeping in mind the idea of voting and having your voice heard…

November/December’s Poll of the Month “What is your favorite holiday food?”  had 21 respondents (2 of whom were not members of the class).  The total number of students completing the poll did increase over the last poll — this is good the good news; the bad news is that we are still getting just 65% of the class involved.  Luckily, this was a very “light” topic and nothing of serious nature was at stake.  The runaway winner was Other with 38.1% of the vote, followed closely by Pumkin Pie (33.3%).  Turkey came in a distant third (14.3%).  I am curious to know what those of you who selected Other placed in that category…  You can view the final poll results on the Vizu website.

This month’s poll is taking a slightly different angle.  I would like you to provide some feedback as to what you believe you can survive not having while in the school the next couple of years.  I have listed only a few of the options that are being considered.  I like none of the choices but, unfortunately, the state is not providing the district enough money to keep operating the way we are currently.  So many things will need to go… of the choices provided, tell me what you think think you can get by without.

If you would like, add a comment below letting me know if there is something that should be cut that was not listed as a possibility (again, use proper English when submitting your comment). 

23 thoughts on “Changing Gears 3

  1. I liked the inaugruation of the president because it shows that america do have tha power..YA DIG

  2. I think that Obama barely one. I’m saying that because the odds for Obama were barely ahead of McCain

  3. I think that the link nice overview of Barack Obama’s life is interesting because it basically tells you where Obama went to college and what he did in his life I also think that the link two good interactives is interesting because it has a hole bunch of links that show you things like when Bush was dropped at texas and how the world reacted whan Obama became president.

  4. I found that it was Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birth anniversary was celabrated om the inaguration. And alsoi thought was pretty intresting was the beast that Obama and his wife rode in. It had 3 inch bullet proof windows and reinflatable weels 8 inch thick bullet proof doors 5inch thick plate under the car and all kinds of stuff.

  5. [I believe our Founding Fathers would be proud that the work product (the U.S. Constitution) they put forth over 200 years ago is still in use and being followed exactly as they dictated it should.]
    I find this interesting because its just interesting……
    But yeah honestly I dont care about the whole president or political or any of that stuff, all of it is
    just rediculous and I hope that PRESIDENT OBAMA will not mess up or make any mistakes, like other people..
    Well yes I dont know i think that the whole politics thing is just blah. ok well thats all for now.

  6. Mr.Lane I do not really care about this inaguration thing….. ok so im going to just say that I guess its pretty cool to have a BLACK president.. Its something differnet and well hopefully is will be a good change and a good thing thats different, I dont know much about politics and such things like that but i just hope that President Obama makes really good dissisions because if not we may never have a black president again, but if he does his job well then he will be history.

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