Changing Gears

Over the weekend I began really sorting through some of the issues that are before the voters on Tuesday, November 4.  There is so much to keep in mind as one votes: our involvement in two wars and the current economic slump being two of the major issues.  No matter how one votes we, as a country and people, will be changing gears some how.  The changes that occur may range from the massive to the minute.  But no matter what we will have a change of historical significance: there will be a first in the Executive Branch – either a woman will be Vice-President or an African-American will be President.  Truly incredible…

And did you know that not many people actually know how the President and Vice-President are elected?  Watch the Common Craft video “Electing a U.S. President in Plain English” to see how we elect people to the Executive Branch of our government.

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Pretty interesting, hunh?! It appears that are Founding Fathers didn’t completely trust the “common folk” to make important decisions.  But the system we are using is the same one that was used when George Washington was elected in 1789 (and again in 1792) and every four year since then so it must work pretty well.  You will spend some more time learning why we use this system as you continue your study of the growth and development of the United States in your history classes. 

In the meantime, continue your exploration of our candidate’s positions, the election process, and current predictions by using Larry Ferlazzo’s blog post  The Best Sites To Learn About U.S. Presidential Elections.  Keep in mind that this site is designed for teachers but it has many links that you will find interesting.  Just so you know, Mr. Ferlazzo teaches at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento.

As you look around and find places of interest remember to share them with the rest of us by submitting a comment to this post.  I will do my absolute best to get them approved as soon as possible so that we can maximize our learning potential by using each other as resources. 

20 thoughts on “Changing Gears

  1. Abortion: I think that abortion is wrong,women should have to go to court before getting an abortion to state why they are.

  2. I really liked the video. I finally understand how the president is elected. I think the video was a good idea.

  3. on this website alot of the games are fun and the brainpop vidoe was good,my only dislike is that the sound on the website.

  4. If i was to vote
    for the president i would vote
    for obamba because he is really
    smart, and he knows what hes doing.
    He is also really intelligent

  5. I think the election is going to be very important this year because who ever wins its going to be history, because if obama wins he is going to be the first black president aand if mccain wins his vice president will be the first female vice president so i think this election will be very important.

    If i could vote, i would vote for barrack obama.

  6. I think this election commming up is the most important election in the history of united states.
    If I could vote, I would vote for senator Obama.
    I would vote for himn because he would get the troops out of Iraq and stop spending 10 billion dollars a month to fund the army and whatnot.
    so by keeping all that money in the U.S, it would help the economy,which would help businesses…which would help me.
    I need P.I.M.P
    Paper In My Pocket! so when this economy is fixed. my business will have more money and I can eat

  7. I am uncertain about unique sorces of political information for this year, for I have only used the most popular sites supported by google to get my information. On the other hand I want to say everybody’s vote counts, but never have I heard of a situation where one vote has made the difference of the president, but it is true that only a few thousand votes often decide which state is picking which president, so in turn a small ammount of votes can decide the president.

  8. ok from the video help me understand what vraybody has been saying all about the election

  9. i really think this video helped me out alot in understanding how the president is elected.

  10. That video I saw was interesting because it showed me how the electon works. I was surprised when I found out that the senators are the ones who do the voting for us.

  11. I am understanding how elections work. I used to think that we our voting for the president, even though the electorals our voting for the president.

  12. This video helped me a lot because it showed me how the people elect and vote for the president.

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